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30 Day Reiki Plan

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* Please read full description prior to booking*

The 30 Day Reiki Plan gives you weekly reiki and guided meditation sessions focused on releasing energy blockages to align with the higher you and to manifest your goals. You’ll get weekly assignments to help you reach your goal as well. These sessions are designed to help you identify blockages that bring you out of alignment with your goals and to release those blockages on a chakra level. The assignments help you start healthy pattens to help keep those blockages clear.

Reiki is healing on an energetic level. It’s allowing universal healing energy to flow through the practitioner into the client. This universal energy allows negativity to be released and make room to align your chakras. Having your chakras aligned gives you healing on a mind, body, and spirit level and eventually puts you into a state of peace.

The weekly sessions are done remotely via Zoom (unless you are in the Las Vegas area and can do in person sessions) and will last about an hour. Prepare for the session by being open and have intentions to receive the healing. Also have a space for yourself where you can relax while the session takes place. While I perform the session, you can meditate or zone out to the meditation music I play during the session. ☺️

After purchasing, you’ll receive an email with a form to fill out and you are able to book your date and time there.

There is a recovery period known as a spiritual detox. Moving energy that had been stuck is no light task. You may experience fatigue, you may cry out of nowhere, feel happiness you can’t place a finger on, feel light as if a weight has been lifted, you could even feel as if you caught a cold. It’s very similar to a diet detox because your body has let go of what you no longer need. You may also feel nothing at all which is ok as well. Every one is different and so is each session. You want to make sure you drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, and eat as clean as possible for 48 hours after the session. You also want to avoid alcohol and eat as clean as possible for 48 hours prior to the session as well as after.

*** Please cancel/reschedule via email At MonieGtheHealer@natureshealingsecrets.com within 24 hours of your scheduled session. No refunds are made on spiritual services.