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Get to Know Us

Welcome to the Nature’s Healing Secrets family! I created these products in the hopes that I can help others suffering with various skin concerns and acne. I’ve personally suffered with eczema and acne since I was a child and was frustrated with over the counter and prescription medications so I set out to find my own solution. Our products are designed to be gentle while providing your skin with the moisture that a lot of products lack when treating eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin in general.

I’ve always had the “I can do this” spirit. I didn’t always know that my confidence created a ripple in the universe and made a place for me to manifest my desires. I was lead to crystal healing through an intuitive reading and fell in love with spirituality. One of the best parts of my spiritual journey is finding out what is out in the world for us to heal mentally and spiritually the natural way. The majority of my skincare products have spiritual essential oils to give you a spiritual push to get your day going. After years of study, I am now a reiki master and certified meditation guide.

Our mission is to create a newfound confidence through clear skin. It may have been a rough road, but clear skin is an attainable goal! Let us share the secret with you.

Saemone G.
Owner - Self-Healing Coach