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You Are Beautiful

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

Brown girl you are beautiful! You are a Queen! Do you know that most people make fun of what they wish they had or don’t understand? People sit through harmful UV rays just to be mad they still aren’t close to your color. They lay out at the beach and go home pissed they aren’t dark enough. Baby girl don’t let anyone change what YOU see when you look in the mirror. I used to hate my dark skin too, it’s a badge of honor now. You’ll catch ME out tanning somewhere! These days I can’t even stand to be around someone who doesn’t appreciate a dark skin woman. Lower vibrational me actually dated someone who didn’t like dark skin women and because of that, he tried to change everything else about me. I’m glad I didn’t fit the mold cause I was perfect as is and so are you. Don’t entertain the idea that you aren’t!


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