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Under the Pisces Moon.

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

Under the Pisces moon, I was forced to dig deep and feel deep. I pull cards for myself daily trying to tap into some guidance. It helps me keep my (3rd) eye open and my intuition strong. My ancestors and spirit guides have been speaking loud and clear and after a night I was showed through a vision who has my back through this leg of my journey, I pulled these cards to clarify the upcoming path.


The tower card initially scared me in reverse, but when you fix your perspective, the tower moment is beautiful. This tower moment is regarding my personal journey. I’ve been asking for help regarding patience and controlling my emotions. My intuition is needed in this transformation period in order to navigate through. Being open to my guides and hearing their voice will be my light when things get dark. Me asking for this help is the activation step of the journey. I consciously began this journey to a better me so there is no need to resist. It’s time to get down and dirty. I’ve hidden behind false sense of happiness too long because I was not completely happy at home within me. Asking for help was my outcry showing my desire for a better me.


It won’t be tomorrow, but if I stick to what I claim I want, I will overcome this hump and become a better version of myself. I have to keep my mind set on the end result. I may have moments when I dig so deep that I break down, but my comfort will be keeping my mind on my end goal. Keeping thoughts positive and continuing on. Being in touch with my intuition is a huge theme here. I have to tap in and listen to my guides. I’m not visiting places that I’ve never been before, so when triggers arise, I need to listen to my guides to make a new game plan so I’m not going down the same roads. Another savior will be looking at the beauty of the transformation. It’s a butterfly moment. A few phases are required and some dark moments, but in the end,  I get my wings. I have to handle myself with care as I go along this dark path.


I shy away from the darker readings as I’m sure we all do. It’s easy to digest rainbows and glitter, but fire gets too hot (tower moment). This is a theme for a few people out there and if this resonates with you, just know that this journey will be well worth it. If you have a friend, therapist, or counselor that you are able to talk to, don’t be afraid to reach out for assistance. Having someone to lean on may be beneficial. Be in tune with your emotions as well. Keep a journal. Use key words to summarize how you feel that day and allow yourself to expand from there. Writing is freeing, and you never know what emotions and revelations you discover in the process. Be raw and honest with yourself. Keep the focus and don’t jump ship! Go through metamorphosis and have your butterfly moment so you can get your wings.


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