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Throw it Back Now!

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

Retrogrades are designed to make you take a break, sit back, and reflect. It’s when things sort of slow down while the planet appears to be going backwards. Each planet has its own retrograde timeframe (one every few years, every few months, etc.) and some planets take their “back spin” for months at a time!


Currently we have 5 planets in retrograde. That’s a lot of energy going around! What does this mean for you? Let’s go through each planet



Pluto went into retrograde April 25th and will go direct October 4th. This retrograde hit at a pretty crazy time in the world as Pluto rules life and death, power, and the unconscious mind. Make sure you pay attention to your thoughts and try to keep them thought positive. This isn’t the time to go into the rabbit hole of negativity.



Saturn has become one of my fav planets. I’m always trying to stay open and be flexible as I find my way in the world and Saturn is our guide. Saturn went into retrograde May 11th and will go direct September 29th. While in retrograde it will bring you karma (both good and bad), limitations, and anxiety. Stay grounded by knowing that this is a period to make you better! Take on the “what is this teaching me” attitude and throw away the “why is this happening to me” frame of mind. Take notes and prepare to better yourself.



The planet of love! Retrograde started May 13 and goes direct June 25th. My Taurus sun and Libra rising are both ruled by this planet. It rules femininity, attraction, desire, and relationships.  During retrograde it may feel harder to express and feel love/affection with others. You may have old exs or friends pop up into your life and 9 times out of 10 it will be to sort out a karmic issue. Deal with these situations with care and move on! Give yourself extra love and let that love flow through you and out to the people you interact with.



Jupiter went into retrograde May 14th and will go direct September 12th. This planet rules our expansion, success, and abundance. It also taps into your morals. Right now you may be wondering what’s important to you or evaluating how are you’re willing to go to get what you want in life. You may even be questioning what you believe in. Take this time to sit with yourself and evaluate your personal journey. Take the time to journal and be honest with yourself and where you want to go. Get those manifestations ready!



This is the retrograde we’re all pretty familiar with. It starts tonight June 18th and won’t go direct until July 12th. Mercury rules communication. That includes verbal, written, and via technology (WiFi, email, text, etc). You can expect to have your computers crash, WiFi just won’t connect no matter what you do, travel delays, and breaks in communication with others. This is not a time for a new contract like a house or loan. Business negotiations should wait until retrograde is over too. Travel isn’t recommended either unless the trip has been planned prior to retrograde starting. Understand that everything may not be communicated as it should be. Double check what you send out and think a little about the point people are trying to say even if what comes out of their mouth sounds off to you. Be patient. We’re doing the best we can!


I love astrology because it’s basically life’s roadmap. They help you slow down and go within. You’ll find yourself reflecting and removing things from your life that no longer serve you. GROW with the flow of the planets and let the universe upgrade you on your journey.



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