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The Master Healer

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

I have a heart shaped clear quartz necklace that I wear most days (my memory is shit some days and if I could, I’m sure I’d forget my head on the pillow before walking out the house lol). Honestly, I cant even tell you why I picked this crystal up in the store last year. Maybe I was drawn to it but it is another one of my many favs which is why I chose to wear it and have skin contact. It’s known as a master healer. Here’s why:

1. It makes me feel aware. Even in the winter I notice it’s warm. It kinda grounds me and brings me back to the basics if that makes sense. I find myself grabbing for it when I’m nervous or anxious.
2. It’s another great crystal for meditation. It helps bring clarity and clears mental fog and it is also known as a master healer. You can use this for any type of meditation you’re doing.
3. Speaking of being a master healer, it’s also known as a deep soul cleanser. It focuses on the negative energy within you and stimulates positive thoughts to overpower the negativity. This can help you with your outlook, patience, and even can enhance your energy.
4. It’s a stone of the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of the head. Controls how we think, how we respond, and is the source of our spirituality. Because of its clear color and its ability to vibrate on all color frequencies, it also helps to harmonize all 7 chakras.

This is another must have in my opinion. It’s one that can adjust you and get you back in track on those days when you feel something is wrong, but you can’t put your finger on what it is. We all can use the all-knowing healing power especially while in meditation


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