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The Magical Crystal

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

I have a selenite necklace that I absolutely love. This crystal is an absolute must have! It comes in different forms, but if you come across a raw one, GRAB IT! Here’s some of the benefits of selenite:

  • This crystal is all about connecting to the metaphysical realm. It’s associated with the third eye and crown chakras and works to help you realize and understand truths. Especially when it comes to accepting the truth within yourself. It also helps to activate your psychic abilities.
  • Selenite radiates light energy and using this energy to clear energy blockages. It works through all of your chakras to help you align with that light.
  • When worn as jewelry or somehow you have skin to skin contact, it helps to protect your light. It keeps the energy vampires and toxic energy away from you.

This crystal isn’t very strong physically, so you want to handle this one with care. You don’t want to use water to cleanse it as it will dissolve. Be careful with sunlight too this is one I change/cleanse with the moon.


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