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Spiritual Solitude Part 2

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

I know you’re ready for the plus side to spiritual solitude. What does solitude do for me spiritually?

  • It makes your intuition louder. You hear your inner voice clearly. Your pathway between this world and the spiritual world are more open. This is when you may develop more clairvoyant abilities.
  • You have no outside forces to deter you from thoughts or to create confusion. As you spend time alone, you start to become one with yourself again, and that creates a new relationship of trust. That allows you to trust that voice you hear in your head, gut, and heart (your intuition) and you’ll find yourself standing on your own innerstanding vs looking for outside approval.
  • Trust in yourself to do the work and trust in the universe to bring in your desires. As your decision-making skills become heightened, you begin to see that you had it in you all along. You get a chance to really get to know your decision-making styles, what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable, and most importantly you find out your why. These things work together to build a relationship on yourself rooted in trust.

It’s always a good time to go into spiritual solitude. No time is better than another but a few examples are:

  • When healing emotional wounds
  • Times of unexpected change
  • When fasting
  • When you feel yourself needing to constantly explain yourself

Spiritual solitude is a way to clear out the chaos in your mind and welcome in innerstanding and peace. Allow yourself to be still and welcome in some much needed change in your life. You are one of your greatest teachers and that is because no one knows you like you do. You just have to take some time to cultivate the relationship.


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