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Spiritual Solitude Part 1

Posted by Saemone Griffin on




  1. the state or situation of being alone.
  2. a lonely or uninhabited place.

By the definition this may sound like some sort of punishment, but solitude is how you level up.  Some people call it being still but however you call it, you’re taking time to be by yourself and evaluate whatever situation you’re going through. You’re sitting still with your thoughts, desires, spirit guides, and the universe looking for direction. This is a time when you have major breakthroughs because there is no outside distraction to trip you up. Sometimes in life we go through things that we don’t understand. Sometimes we’re on a journey and the lesson we need to learn is something that is personal. We can’t bring others on the journey with us expecting them to understand what is solely for our innerstanding. Whether you’re feeling misunderstood, you’re healing, you feel yourself drifting apart from those around you, or you just feel like you need a moment to understand your bigger picture, you may need a moment of spiritual solitude.

Taking a moment to be alone with yourself, your thoughts, and your spirit guides allows you to reset your focus and bring you innerstanding. It’s like having an old school radio that isn’t giving you a clear station. Once you are able to drown out the noise of the static, you’re able to concentrate on finding a direction to move the antennas to get a clear signal and get to the banging music on your preferred station. On a spiritual level, solitude allows you to bring your focus within and set your internal station to match the vibration of your desires. It’s also a great tool to clear out the clutter in your mind to aid in the manifestation process. You can spend this time of solitude in daily meditation, daily talks with your spirit guides (this is the perfect time to start an ancestor alter!), daily journaling, and affirmation creation. You want to use this time you’re giving yourself to pour into your dreams and desires.

What do you want? Go into solitude with a plan. This is what I’m aiming for, this is how I’ve missed it in the past, this is what I want to do this time, and these will be my results. When meditating, spend time visualizing what you want to happen. See yourself as that free being that is comfortable in the role you’re looking to be in. Thank your ancestors for the outcome as though it has happened even though you’re just starting at the beginning stages of planning things out. Give yourself time to journal about your fears and setbacks. Give yourself enough time to forgive yourself for past mistakes. Give yourself time to have a breakthrough moment. Most of all, be gentle with yourself. Spiritual solitude is part of shadow work and it can get dark. Feelings you’ve suppressed for a while can come up be to faced before you arrive at your innerstanding, and that is ok. Move at your own pace and allow yourself to grow with the flow.



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