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Self-Love Altar

Posted by Saemone Griffin on


You’d think self-love comes natural. Sometimes we give so much to family, work, friends, and relationships we don’t have much for ourselves. Even worse, sometimes we don’t know how to create the love for ourselves. It’s ok to be intentional which is why we have a self-love altar.

Having a visual representation of the love you have for yourself is powerful. Creating that space and tending to it is like pouring into yourself. This is a sacred space that is just for you. If possible, you want to keep it somewhere you’re comfortable spending time and somewhere that isn’t out in the open where others can get to it.

What do you put on your altar? Anything special to you! Here’s a few examples:

  • Your fav pics of yourself. Especially pics of little you. Your younger self is a great place to start with your self-love.
  • A letter to yourself about what you want to improve. Don’t forget to handle yourself with care in the letter. Don’t beat yourself up!
  • Inspiration pics of people you admire
  • A living plant and a glass of water. It symbolizes pouring life and love into yourself.
  • Crystals! Rose Quartz to inspire self-love and any other crystals that represent what you’re trying to accomplish. 
  • A mirror.

It’s simple to create just remember all it has to be is you! Your likes your desires your safe place. Visit the alate daily to say your affirmations. Look yourself in your mirror and really feel it! Make this your self-talk hub. Good or bad. This is where you can get real and raw with yourself and challenge yourself to grow.


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