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Quarantine Activities

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

I love having plants around me. I knew about water propagation, but I just started to propagate my own plants this week. Every morning I’m jumping out of bed to see if there are any roots sprouting lol then I run home from work to check and I check one more time before bed lol. I definitely understand that it takes more time, but it’s like sleeping the night before Christmas ... I’M TOO EXCITED!!

Indoor gardening allows me to sneak away from my day to day life and learn life skills. I’ve learned patience (believe it or not), compassion, and perseverance. You learn to look for signs and look for what’s needed. What will make this plant feel better? It feels so good when you learn your plant’s love language and you finally see it thrive. I can’t wait to see roots on my first propagated babies!

I know it’s crazy in the world right now but make sure you have something positive to do to occupy your mind. Make those business plans you’ve been putting off, pick up a hobby, get in tune with yourself, read, do yoga, MEDITATE. Don’t let the outside in and drive you crazy. Find a positive outlet.



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