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Psychic Attacks

Posted by Saemone Griffin on


I was reading my weekly horoscope and was warned about psychic attacks. I read tarot for myself and was already warned about this with the evil eye card 2 days ago so I'm not surprised, but I thought this was a food topic to discuss.


What is a psychic attack? 

It’s negative energy that you can feel, but can’t really determine where it’s coming from. It’s usually in the form of thoughts and it’s usually from those close to you (friends and family). I know, it’s always the closest ones to you. Sometimes they’re jealous of what you have going on. Maybe they see how awesome the path you’re on is and they wish it was them. Sometimes they aren’t even aware of the power of their negative thoughts and have no idea they are projecting this towards you. Whether they know it or not, these are still people you need to be able to recognize and avoid.


How do you know if you are under psychic attack?

You may feel extremely tired even after seemingly good rest, unpleasant dreams or even nightmares, you may have unwarranted doubt or a lack of confidence you can’t explain even after being assured you’re doing well. Another one which is big for me right now is being sick over and over. It’s mid-March and I’ve been sick 3x. I’m someone who gets a minor cold maybe twice a year with the major season changes here in Vegas.


How do I protect myself?

Now this is the fun part! When I feel my energy get depleted and I feel like shit for no good reason the first thing I do is take a Pink Himalayan salt bath.  I add the salt, rose petals, and peppermint oil and sit there and sweat the bad vibes out. After I usually need a nap. You can also smudge your house, or even call on your ancestors during meditation for advice. Another great way to keep these bad vibes away, it’s also a great way to see them coming, is amethyst. It’s powerful crystal of protection and it has to be the most beautiful shade of purple. Here’s a few of its properties:


  1. It’s associated with the Third Eye Chakra - it helps you with your intuition and helps you to see through that Third Eye. 
  2. Spiritual awareness - it is also associated with the Crown Chakra and promotes a higher state of consciousness.
  3. It keeps emotions in check - it promotes logical thinking allowing you to analyze emotions before acting out on them.

We have to make sure we are covered as we journey throughout this world. We’re used to physical fights and battles but the spiritual ones can sometimes be more important. The spiritual battles are the ones that shape and mold us into our future selves. Be protected out there.


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