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Posted by Saemone Griffin on


Spring is my favorite time of year. I literally come alive. Makes sense why since it is a time of rebirth. No more harsh winter. Now we’re surrounded by sunlight, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and people are happier in general. This morning I was having a moment of gratitude for the season change and I had to get out and get active. I took an almost 4 mile walk around my neighborhood and just embraced the changes. 


I come alive in the springtime, but before today I didn’t understand the why behind it. Even in christianity, Easter is about a new beginning. Jesus was not dead in the tomb, he was starting a new journey. Same with us if we allow the change to happen. 


This is is the perfect time to put your plans in motion. Whether it be a business plan, travel plans (mercury retrograde is almost over now), even plans to attack on the love front DO IT!!! But make sure you water the garden. Don’t plant these seeds and expect this beautiful bloom when you walk away and leave it unattended. 


Use this time to meditate, plan, and attack. Too often we spend time visualizing and walk away without action. We hold the power to make any one of our dreams come true but we also have the power to stay in our same position. Take that power and magnify your dreams ✨✨✨


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