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New Moon Ritual

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

So you’re self-reflecting this new moon and digging deep and you’re passionate. You have all these changes to make but how do you manifest it? Here’s what I do.

  1. Start by cleaning your space.  Clean out the clutter. If you have an alter area make sure that area is stocked (incense, crystals charged and cleansed, candles ready to be burned). A clean space helps with a clean mind.
  2. Clean your physical body. Take a salt bath. Smudge yourself. Clean your body’s energy as well.
  3. Set intentions. Write a manifestation letter. Start off with dear universe. Tell the universe where you are now. Describe your circumstances. State your fears. Be real and raw. Tell the universe what you want. Feel it in your soul! Make it resonate! Thank the universe as if you have received the wants then finally, let it go. Seal the letter and put the letter into a box or somewhere you can open and reflect at a much later date.
  4. Meditate. Light your candles and grab your manifestation crystals sit before your alter and visualize your wants and desires coming true. See that house. See that thriving business. See it as if you’re in that current state. Feel it deep within you.

Remember, everything starts from within. Be positive and believe in your power to create a life you want to live. Rejoice in the bad times because they prepare you for the good. Watch your circle and don’t be afraid to make change. Be bold and stand firm in who you are.


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