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Make Your Dreams Come True

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that I wake up 5 days a week to be yelled at and belittled. For 8 hours each of these days, I say the same things over and over to people who don’t even take the time to listen to what I’m saying to be helped. The only thing I’ve learned from the customer service world is that people are entitled. People think they know it all and have no desire to actually learn. To learn, you have to listen. I’m not exempt, and it’s definitely been a mirror to what I need to be better at, but continuing in these fields makes me feel like I’m playing so small. I know I desire better, more fulfilling work and because I desire it, it’s what I also deserve.  I’m willing to do the work too.

I am a firm believer in manifestation, but why have I not manifested the life I desire? 

When you have some free time, I challenge whoever is reading this to manifest the life they desire with me. There’s power in numbers and we don’t need to be together for this. Just a few steps to get started.

1.       Write down what you want. Be specific. What is it you want to do? In what capacity? For how long until you go to the next level? Where do you what to do this? For who?

2.       Write those things down in present tense. Use affirming words (I am, I will).

3.       Read the affirming list everyday to yourself when you rise and when you go to sleep. This is now your daily affirmation. It keeps your goals present in your head. Voice record it and play it to yourself daily if that is easier.

4.       Do something everyday to get you towards your goal. Give yourself a schedule and stick to it. You have a 9-5 work schedule, you need a schedule for yourself as well. It’s a challenge, but you’re worth it!

5.       Journal your progress daily. Get yourself a new notebook for your manifestations. Journal what you’ve done for the day to get towards your goals and track down how you’ve been feeling. There’s power in writing these things down. From your pen to spirit’s ears.

We have to remember we are in control. We have to be mindful of our power. No better time than now to start right? Right!


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