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Keep That Negativity Over There!

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones. I have it on my alter and I keep it near me when I meditate. I can literally feel that stone around me. It gives me a sense of calm. I’ve given it as a gift a few times and I always hear the same thing about it. It’s definitely a good start point if you’re just getting into crystals and their healing properties.


What does Black Tourmaline do for you? Do you have time??

  1. It’s a protector stone. It’s literally where negative energy goes to die. It takes in the bad and returns it back to you as positive energy. It also clears out your chakras and aura.

  2. Its grounds you. If you’re into chakras you’ve probably guessed it’s a stone associated with the root chakra. If you’ve been feeling insecure, restless, even aggressive this stones helps you to bring it back home and make you feel more like yourself.

  3. It’s a great for meditation. Especially when I go into new ventures or have any kind of doubt I meditate with the stone and visualize my desires happening as they should, doubt free.

  4. Eliminates toxic heavy metals. In our day and age, you may want this around for the radiation waves we get from our technology

In conclusion, get you some! Jk kinda but please, get some. Most crystal and gem stores have rolled crystals you can get for as low as $1. Keep it at your alter, your bedside, your purse, your car. Get that negative energy away and get grounded.


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