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Healthy Boundaries

Posted by Saemone Griffin on



  •                a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.
  •                a limit of a subject or sphere of activity.

Protecting your peace and your energy is important. You have to create healthy boundaries. When toxic people/energy can get too close to you, you’ll find yourself exhausted seemingly for no reason, you’ll feel weighed down by burdens, you may even feel like your obligated to do for and put up with these people. We have to understand that others aren’t our responsibility. Especially when you identify as a healer or empath, deal with anxiety, or deal with depression, its easy to take on others energy as your own. A lot of the time it’s because you allowed this energy into your space.


I don’t want to sound like I’m placing blame or saying that you can’t help or feel for others, but you have to protect yourself first.

1.       Start by knowing your triggers and when you’ve had enough. Know when to take a step back and how to get yourself back on track. For me that’s quiet time alone with music meditation and a salt bath. Do what brings you peace.

2.       Once you know how toxic a person can be, believe it for what it is and don’t make excuses for the behavior. This can be hard because most of the time a person who needs boundaries is someone who you know well. You may know of their childhood trauma or know how they got to be this way, but our responsibility to ourselves is to address and assess.

3.       Not all battles need to include you. This person may need to travel alone on their path. This one is hard for me because I can see the potential. I can see where this person can be if they follow their true path. It’s not my burden to carry though.

4.       Lastly, once the boundary is in place, keep it there. A boundary is not an open door. It’s in place so that they are where they need to be. If you’re at a point where they are able to come and go as they please, you’ve taken the responsibility off of that person and placed it on yourself. Now it’s a pattern you’ve allowed.

This isn’t easy. I just had to hold myself accountable last night. The full moon magic hit me a little different and I realized that I am only hurting myself by not being firm. There’s no reason why I should let someone else’s energy dictate mine. I’m stronger than that and so are you! Prove it to yourself; know your triggers, don’t make excuses for toxic behavior, remember it’s not your fight, and hold firm. You got this!


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