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Growin With the Flow

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

When I first started with tarot, I would pull a card everyday when I woke up and feel what it meant and write it down in my journal. When I got to work, I would go online and see if the textbook definition matched what I felt. There are 78 cards in the traditional deck, so this took a while. Before I allowed myself to read others, I wanted to grow in my innerstanding so that I could really help my clients and friends. When I felt I had that innerstanding I moved to this oracle deck.

I pull every morning just asking what I need to focus on for the day and this is today’s pull. I’ve been focused on my growth a lot in general lately. Brainstorming what steps to take to get where I NEED to be. Physically I need to move with passion. I need to have a steady fire under me as I make my products, as I counsel others, and as I counsel myself. My passions needs to be my driving force as I am in this transition of growing into who I want to be.

My thoughts need to flow. Good or bad I need to let myself go through the process. You ever notice how some of the most beautiful sunny days come after a storm? I need to have that effect in my mind. Bad, sad, and indifferent thoughts aren’t necessarily detrimental if you allow yourself to flow through them like water and let it take you to a place of innerstanding and healing. Don’t dwell. Flow to the lesson, learn it, and flow to innerstanding and move on.

Following these steps of walking with passion and flowing like water, I will grow spiritually which is the ultimate goal. I want to be a spiritual warrior that doesn’t allow this crazy world to shake me. I want to be open to hear spirit. I want to trust my intuition. Those steps will get me there. I go through this healing not only for me, but for those I touch as well. I want to be the embodiment of healing. I want to teach what I know. That will come from the experience and in turn the experience will open me up to the wonders of the universe.

I decided to start my New Year in December. I don’t need a calendar to mark my starts and stops and you don’t either! All you need to do is make up your mind and be ready to dedicate some time. It took me 78 days to grow into my tarot deck and that took a ton of discipline. Discipline I didn’t know I had! You have to free yourself from the chains of doubt and self-sabotage and allow ourselves to flow. You master that the world is literally yours.


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