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Green Tourmaline

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

This is another new fav crystal. I have several versions tourmaline I’m connected to so I’m starting to think tourmaline as a whole is a fav. This is another one I ran into that called out to me. I had never heard of Green Tourmaline prior to seeing it in store, but it was right on time. I’ve been attracted to green crystals lately as I’m working on strengthening my heart chakra and I use this one to help me heal the broken pieces during meditation. A cool fact I learned is that it is the male counterpart (yang) to the Pink Tourmaline (yin).


Here’s some of the awesome benefits:

  • It is a stone of manifestation. It can be used to attract luck, success, and abundance.
  • It aids in the healing of plants. This is for the plant moms/dads out there! It’s known as a crystal of the plant kingdom and helps you to understand what extra lovin your plants need
  • It helps to overcome emotional blocks. It uses that yang energy to overcome emotional blocks with male figures and forces in your life.
  • It helps you see with the heart and encourages making negative energy positive energy.

When I meditate with this crystal, I keep it in my left hand (no particular reason it just feels right there) and I always feel it tingle. We all need a little love in our life and if you’re looking for a good crystal to promote the cultivation of love this one is for you.



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