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Don't be a Martyr to Your Circumstances

Posted by Saemone Griffin on



·         a person who displays or exaggerates their discomfort or distress in order to obtain sympathy or admiration.

A martyr is a role. Like an actress in a play. Yes, life is hard. Yes, life throws you situations that are hard to recover from. The question is do you want to recover, or do you want to continue to play the role?

Sometimes we don’t understand our situations. Sometimes we get blind to the why. Why is this happening? What lesson am I missing for this to keep happening? Once you elevate yourself and you stop asking “why is this happening to me?” and start asking, “what is this supposed to teach me?” you have a responsibility to yourself to stop playing the role. When you deny yourself the higher elevated thinking, it’s telling the universe that you like where you are. It makes you feel alive.


Life is hard that’s a fact. It’s also a fact that things happen to us in life to grow us. That’s why my motto is to grow with the flow. Just like others, my life has been filled with disappointment and pain. I had to realize that I was low, and I didn’t like it. I found myself in low vibrational situations trying to find a way to escape from the pain without letting go of the situations because I felt it wasn’t fair to have to continuously go through those situations. It absolutely wasn’t fair. Growth is when you can identify, assess, learn, apply, and grow from the circumstance. When you know better, you do better. Anything else is a choice. Just like you chose to be low, chose to do what it takes to go high.


These days I’ve been weighed down with the martyrs in my life. As a healer, I sometimes take on their energy and find myself feeling their lows. This weekend I said enough is enough. I had to protect my energy and make sure I didn’t take on those lows. I stopped answering my phone, stopped responding to text, and did things to restore my energy levels. I woke up feeling great! Then I spoke with a martyr. We lost service (thank you spirit) and usually I would call back, but today I didn’t. It almost hurt me not to, but I had to realize I can’t keep complaining about being low from others and allow them to drain me. Wouldn’t that make me a martyr too?


Sometimes you create your own hell. You have to check yourself and have healthy boundaries. It’s your life. No one is gonna create the perfect situation for you. That’s your responsibility. 


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