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Desert Rose

Posted by Saemone Griffin on



I'm still trying to be the crystal Queen! My newest edition is from the selenite family and is called Desert Rose. It's a stone of protection. It's said to form in the deserts from water, wind, and sand. When I got this one from a subscription service Lunarly, I instantly felt the crystal's energy. This is why raw crystals are a must!


Just like traditional selenite, it’s a stone that brings mental clarity, protects against psychic attacks, and helps to keep the negative thoughts out of your mind but this specific variation of selenite also:

  • Gives you strength and confidence to continue through your hard times. It helps you to confront the issue head on.
  • Gives you focus and drive to conquer you dreams. I call it the stone of the worker. 
  • Is a stone of meditation. It helps you connect to your higher self. Great for visualization.
  • Strengthens your intuition. It works well with your third eye chakra helping you to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities. 

I believe in spending time with new crystals to feel their energy and when I first got this stone, I slept with it under my pillow along with my titanium aura quartz (I love this combo BTW). I had the most amazing vivid dreams, so I carried this combo in my bra for a few days. Definitely felt and experienced the mental clarity and confidence. There's a lot of power in the selenite family.


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