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Crystals: Raw vs Polished

Posted by Saemone Griffin on



When we think of crystals, we usually think of the shiny, pretty, polished ones. They're everywhere! Before I knew the difference between the 2 I don't think I saw many raw crystals because my mind wanted the bright shiny polished ones. After a while I got a few of the raw but I still had way more polished. I took care of them the same. Charged them, cleaned them, blessed them. One day I went into a new crystal store and the owner had a ton of raw crystals for purchase. I was checking out her inventory and she was dropping knowledge on me left and right! Letting me know how you can tell if a raw stone has good energy then she said she can cleanse and bless mine. I ran out of there and brought in my many crystals. She started making piles one had all my polished crystals and she split my raw crystals in 2 piles. That’s when the info got good.


She explained the polished process to me. They take a raw crystal, and they break it down and sand it into that small piece we get. The energy that the specific crystals gives off is then trapped inside of it. Now you can’t feel the crystal. If you’re into crystals for more than just the look, this is the problem. There is still intention, so if you wear polished crystal jewelry, I still believe it keeps you mindful of that crystal’s properties. I believe that you can’t literally feel the energy anymore. My raw crystals now go into my clear flower vase. They make a pretty decoration piece.


Then she told me one of my raw piles had positive energy while the other had negative. My beautiful pink tourmaline was in this pile along with the first titanium aura quartz I bought. The negative pile was a light-colored amethyst, my second titanium aura quartz, and my black tourmaline. I learned that light hues of purple in amethyst means the energy is leaving the stone plus this one’s energy was bad anyway. I used these crystals for rituals and meditation! I was relieved to have this clarity. She recommended I burry the amethyst and to keep the black tourmaline and titanium aura quartz by my door. Soon after this, I used my pink tourmaline for mediation and would place it on my folded legs and I could feel the stone for the first time. I had to get the negative energies away so that the good energy could shine through.


Be careful where you buy your stones. They have their own energy, but can also hold the energy of the environment they’re kept in. This is why we cleanse them regularly. My good and bad piles of raw stones came from the same store bought on different occasions. Just because of how often I’m there, I believe the ones that were good weren’t in the store very long where the bad pile was on the shelves a little longer. This store is in a tourist area and is a staple shop for Las Vegas and all types of people pass through there. The crystals picked up and carried some of the not so good energy that crossed its path. I haven’t been back to this particular store since I was brought to this revelation. These stones and crystals are divination tools. We have to keep them pure and clean for them to help us fight our battles correctly.



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