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Blue Kyanite

Posted by Saemone Griffin on

One of my fav crystals right now is my beautiful BIG Blue Kyanite. It basically screamed my name and said take me home when I saw it in the crystal shop lol. I have a true connection to it and I use it for meditation and keep it on my nightstand while I sleep. Like my Pink Tourmaline I can actually feel it when I have skin to skin contact. I’ve been working on my throat chakra for a while and I’ve been attracted to quite a few blue crystals. The color blue represents the throat chakra. This magic high vibrational crystal also works to bring all of your chakras into alignment as well.


Here are some of the benefits of my fav Blue Kyanite:

  • It assists with communication. It works to open your throat chakra encouraging you to speak up and speak your truth.
  • It doesn’t hold onto negative energy. Similar to selenite, this crystal doesn’t hold negativity and doesn’t need cleansing. Because of this fact, it is known to aid in the development of your psychic abilities.
  • It’s a stone of meditation. Blue Kyanite’s ability to align chakras makes it the perfect stone to meditate with. Some recommend that it is best to use over your heart chakra during meditation since that is the center of the 7chakras, but mine is huge and I place it on my legs. I definitely feel the charge going up my body placing it there.
  • It helps with your decision making abilities. Being a stone of personal truth, it helps you stick to what you want without feeling the need to compromise.

I definitely think this is a must have crystal. I honestly wish I had it sooner in my spiritual journey! It brings me so much peace and makes my meditation sessions so clear.



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